Bethesda Ministries

1 . Bethesda Church Plantation Ministry : - The main vision of B.C.T.A. Ministries India to fulfill great Commission of Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew 28:18-19, Mark 16:15-16, The main vision of B.C.T.A. Ministries India is to win the soul's for Christ & Church plantation ministry among the new people & unreachable people . B.C.T.A. Ministries India is sharing the Gospel of Christ among the unreachable people & new people.

2 . Bethesda Theological Education Ministry :- BCTA, Ministries India founded the Bethesda Biblical Institute (Distance theological studies Center ) for theological untrained Pastor's, Christian Minister's, Evangelist's ,Preacher's , Missionaries & Worker's of Missionaries Organization's. B.C.T.A. Ministries India also organize the theological Seminar's & Pastor's Seminar's & short terms Courses to the Christian Minister's. Bethesda Biblical Institute is Non Denominational Distance Studies Center. Bethesda Biblical Institute offered the Courses for Studies from the Diploma to Doctorate Level.

3 . Bethesda Medical Aid Ministry:- B.C.T.A. Ministries India working for the welfare of poor & weaker section of society without the favor of cast & creed & religion. B.C.T.A. Ministries India organized the Medical camps in Slum's, J.J Colonies, Rural & villages for the Medical aid of Poor People. B.C.T.A. Ministries India also organized Medical aid Camps for the flood effected People, Tsunami affected People & earth Quake effected People. The future vision of B.C.T.A. Ministries India is to establish the Medical aid Hospitals, Medical aid Center, Medical Mobile van services. Nothing is impossible for God; God will do it through the B.C.T.A. Ministries India for needful People.

4 . Bethesda Social Aid & Relief Ministry : - B.C.T.A.Ministries India is doing charity work in social field. B.C.T.A.Ministries India is doing social & charity work according to availability of funds through the distribution of cloths, blankets & Medicine among the flood effected People, Tsunami affected People, earth Quake affected People, Poor People of Slums & J.J Colonies, Poor people of village's area and those effected people are residing in camps.

5 . Bethesda Christian Youth Ministry : - B.C.T.A. Ministries India is founded the Non Denominational Bethesda Christian youth Council. B.C.T.A. Ministries organized the youth camp, youth meetings & youth Seminars. B.C.T.A. Ministries India also working among the young Students of Colleges, Universities Hostels, Schools and sharing the Gospel of Christ among the young Students. B.C.T.A. Ministries India united Christian Youth from the Christian Churches.

6 . Bethesda Hospital Evangelism Ministry : - Hospital Evangelism ministry is very important & main ministry of B.C.T.A. Ministries India. Because beginning of B.C.T.A. Ministries India was held from the Hospital. It was a great history of foundation of B.C.T.A. Ministries India. Rev. Dr. Mohan Lal founder of Bethesda ministry was broad dead in Hospital in 2006 & his cardiac & respiratory was arrested. He was on ventilator for 12 hrs in Hospital. God has returned his life after 12 hrs through the prayers of People of God. Then He was founded the Bethesda Ministries after retuned his life from the God. Now He is working among the patients in many Hospitals. He is sharing the love of Christ & Gospel of Christ among the patients through the B.C.T.A. Ministries India.

7 . Bethesda Poor & Street Children Ministry : - B.C.T.A.Ministries India is working among the rural & Urban area for the Development of poor & street Children, India is an Developing Country, ,But over the half of the Population live in Village's & Slums area in Urban Cities. .Many Poor People & Poor Children are lives on the roads & street till today. They do not have proper sources to eat the food. Even the children cannot go to School, They cannot get Education.B.C.T.A. Ministries India started the programme of Education this year in 2011 for the support of Education of Poor & Street children according to availability of funds. .BCTA.MINISTRIES INDIA started this project on the small scale. , But we are praying to our God, God will provide the funds in future, God will open the door for this ministry. , It is Our vision, We will expand this Ministry in future.

8 . Bethesda Gospel & Tract Distribution Ministry : - B.C.T.A. Ministries India organized street Evangelism programme, open air Gospel meetings. Gospel Crusade meetings, B.C.T.A. Ministries India sharing Gospel of Christ through the Bethesda Gospel & tract distribution Ministry. B.C.T.A. Ministries sharing gospel of Christ through the tract distribution programmes on Roads, streets, colonies, Villages, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, and Slums & J.J.Colonies.