Doctor of Divinity

Candidate must be Passed Master Degree in Theological Studies & Religious Studies for the Research Studies of Doctorate OF Divinity Degree Course. Candidate must be Qualify Five Subjects along with research Studies of Doctorate of Divinity. The research of 250 Pages Thesis is compulsory to award the Degree.The Biblical Research Studies available in the following fields. Candidate have right to choose the Research Topics & Research Subjects in following field of Studies. The Topic & synopsis will be approved in the Board of Theological Studies before the Research of Candidate.

Subjects & Field of Research Studies:-

1. Christian Counseling
2. Christian Psychology
3. Christian Ministry
4. Christian Ethics
5. Biblical Research Studies
6. Comprative Research Studies of Religions

Examination Subjects:-

1. Systematic Theology
2. Survey of History of Christianity
3. Comprative Studies of Religions
4. The Bible Survey
5. English Qualifying Paper

Exemption of Papers:-

The Board of Theological Studies have reserve the right for exemption of Examination Paper's of Candidate, if the candidate passed the Master Degree in Theology & Religious Studies in Ist or IInd Division. The Board has right to exempted his/her Examination Papers.

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