Master of Divinity

Subjects & Syllabus of Semester No-1

1-The Old Testament Survey
2-The New Testament Survey
3-The Synoptic Gospel
4- Introduction of Theology
5- Study of Major Religions.
6- Indian Church History

Subjects & Syllabus of Semester No-2

7- The History of Israel
8- Indian Christian Theology
9- Theology of Pauline Epistles.
10- Major & Minor Prophets.
11- Church Plantation Ministry with Acts of Apostles
12- Detail Study of I & II Corinthians

Subjects & Syllabus of Semester No-3

13- Philosophy of Religion.
14- Church Administration
15-Christian Ethics
16- Pastoral Care & Counseling.
17-Systematic Theology.
18- Survey of History of Christianity

Subjects & Syllabus of Semester No-4

19- Christian worship
20- Pastoral Psychology
21- Islam Religion
22- Biblical Hermeneutics
23- History of Reformation
24- Thesis of Research Studies

Note:-Candidate has Right to choose the Research Topic in the following field of Research Studies. The Topic of Research will be approved By the Board of Theological Studies:-

1- Evangelism
2- Counseling
3- Psychology.
4- Christian Ministry
5- Pastoral Ministry
6- Church Planting Ministry.
7- Prophetic Ministry
8- Woman Ministry
9- Biblical Research Studies
10-Comparative Religions.

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